r-DIA provides a simple 3 step process to deliver rich data-driven IT insights

1. Collect
Discover IT information silos and collect data using the r-DIA Desktop app

2. Select
Using the r-DIA Website select which datasets to merge

3. Insights
Gain insights from your consolidated datasets using the advanced analytic capabilities of Microsoft PowerBI

Collect data using the r-DIA Desktop

The r-DIA Desktop app automates the collection of hardware, software and usage data from Active Directory, System Center, VMware vCenter, the Microsoft© Assessment and Planning Toolkit, as well as many other SAM and ITAM data sources. Data is saved in files you upload to this site for analysis.

To download the r-DIA Desktop app, first Log in and then return to this page.

Select data sets to merge together

You have total control over which datasets to combine. This enables analysis on a single business unit or geography in addition to fully consolidated reporting or any combination in between.

Analyze your environment online or offline

Reporting and analytics is available online via Power BI or offline in Excel.